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activate in title

Activate An original truetype font with a special look
Size: 8 KB
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truetype font TTF character font truetype TTF original font  
Taskbar Activate Manages activation and deactivation of the Windows taskbar
Size: 25K
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manage activate firewall activate taskbar option taskbar  
Screen Saver Activate Offers you Instant activation of current screen saver
Size: 697 KB
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activate Lock Computer Activation Management  
Re-activate keypad buttons Easily reactivate your keyboard buttons.
Size: 13 KB
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keyboard fix Reactivate  

activate in tags

Firewall Activator for Windows XP/Vista A simple application that will customize the way your windows firewall works.
Size: 2 KB
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Firewall firewal activator activate firewall  
Object Activator Converts your webpages to support an important upcoming ActiveX activation update from Microsoft
Size: 1.43MB
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Object activate activator Webpage Converter activate object  
UBitMenu It will emulate,activate the Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007.
Size: 359 KB
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Office 2007 emulate excel 2007 repair  
Lanzadera An easy-to-use program that manages your Internet connection
Size: 5.34MB
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automatic dialer dialer internet connection activate  
RTL.bpl RTL.bpl - files needed to activate the system information portion of Pc Power Suite
Size: 920 KB
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information system activate RTL Support  
Microsoft Windows Key Management Service Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 A new Windows service used in volume-licensed environments to activate machines running Windows Vista or later versions
Size: 538 KB
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Windows service activate Management Pack  

activate in description

GShellPack Easy Se7en Pack - In this version it has been tried to activate/de-activate the programs through 'ControlPack'; you can also activate or de-activate the program before you install the programs. - If you feel your sys...
Size: 32.60MB
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pack microsoft works free whatsapp latest version  
foo cmd playlist [b]Usage:[/b] add /playlist-activate:"Name" to the foobar command line to activate the named playlist. You can also pass a numeric 0-based index to activate by position instead of name. [b]Requirement...
Size: 37 KB
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plug-in Playlist xsfp playlist picture switching switching  
Profile Manager The Profile Manager application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to activate and deactivate one or more Windows Services in one click (two clicks in reality). With it, you will be ...
Size: 366 KB
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manage manager Profile Creator windows services  
Robot Puzzle Without it, the robot will fail to activate, and the POLARIS mission will be a failure! Can you help activate the XTR-4 robot?
Size: 2.54M
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assemble digital cd assemble assemble phrase assemble  
Pop OFF You can decide when to activate/ de-activate Pop OFF by simply depressing the SHIFT key.
Size: 379.88K
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Proxy Quick Switch With the help of this application, you will be able to activate or de-activate the IE proxy server settings from the system tray.
Size: 936.01K
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proxy server proxy Proxy Switch switch internet proxy